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Laser cutting

6KW State of the art Trumpf laser cutting technology extends the capabilities of Marshall Profiling CNC plate and sheet processing. For speed and precision of cut hole definition. Capable of cutting low carbon and stainless steel up to 25mm.

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TABLE3000 x 1500
Carbon Steelup to 25mm
Stainless Steelup to 25mm
Aluminiumup to 16mm

Plasma cutting

A standard, proven process or cutting medium to heavier sections. The CNC Kinetic 2000 has had its Plasma unit upgraded to the new patented Hypertherm true hole technology. This improves hole definition and cut quality especially in heavier sections between 20 – 32 mm.

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TABLE  13000 x 3600
Carbon Steelup to 32mm
Stainless Steelup to 25mm
Aluminiumup to 20mm

Oxy Fuel cutting

For straight clean cutting of sections up to 200mm the combination of a CNC Kinetic 3000 with the time proven process of Oxy / Fuel cutting has proved invaluable. With a 12 meter bed and twin torch capabilities this 100 year old cutting technology is an essential part of our processing capabilities.

TABLE12000 x 3200
Carbon Steelup to 200mm
Stainless Steel