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Pressing Capabilities

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400 Tonne CNC press break with a 4100 mm bed compliments the plate processing capabilities while a 110 tonne CNC Press Brake with a 3100 mm bed compliments the sheet processing capabilities.

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400 TONNE (16MM@90)41004003550
110 TONNE31004102600
110 Tonne Press - For Grade 250 Mild Steel
Material Thickness122334456
Inside radius2.52.483.484.484.984.456.986.997.10
Radius of neutral line2.823.274.265.526.
K factor0.320.390.390.340.370.400.310.370.41
Smallest Leg inside101013132121303030
V Opening161622223535505050
400 Tonne Press - For Grade 250 Mild Steel
Material Thickness66810101216
Inside radius6.598.609.039.0512.612.619.33
Radius of neutral line8.7510.7411.9913.0816.1317.1124.96
K factor0.370.360.370.410.360.380.36
Smallest Leg inside33 42 4242 59 5988
V Opening55707070100100 150
Tonnes/mtr403155 856086102