Laser Cutting

TABLE 3080 x 1550
Carbon Steel up to 20mm
Stainless Steel up to 25mm
Aluminium up to 16mm

Laser cutting provides premium cut quality, speed and precision in materials up to 25mm thick. Our team have the experience and technology to deliver quality laser cut parts.

Laser Technology:

Our 6KW Trumpf and 4.5KW Mitsubishi laser cutting technology with automatic nozzle changers, pierce detection, optimised beam quality and numerous other technology features, enable exceptional cutting performance and consistently high quality laser cut parts.

Laser Software:

Advanced plate nesting algorithms minimise sheet wastage and our machine programming and scheduling software provide full process control and cost management, to ensure your parts are delivered on time and for the best possible price.

Laser Operations:

Utilising specialised material handling and cutting processes for Stainless and Aluminium materials, Marshall Profiling is also able to eliminate material contamination risks and maintain consistent part quality in all material types.

Part Finishing:

We also offer a range of part finishing and surface treatment processes including sand blasting, painting, galvanising, electroplating and rumbling and vibratory de-burring.

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Stainless Parts

Stainless laser cut parts with various finishes and protective coatings are available.

Architectual Detail

Marshall Profiling can turn your designs into architectural features or signs.

Precision Holes

Precision Laser Cut holes in materials up to 20mm thickness.

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Complete Plate Profiling Service


Service built around consistently providing the shortest lead times in the market and delivering express orders when our clients need it the most.


Urgent orders, special projects or a unique challenge, we provide the agility and flexibility to respond to our clients unique demands on a person to person basis.


We invest in systems, process and people with the one goal of providing reliability of service to our customers. We are dedicated to delivering on our promises.

One-Stop Shop

Laser, Plasma and Gas cutting and a full range of secondary processes to press, roll, machine, guillotine, weld and surface-treat your parts, in one order.