Oxy Fuel Cutting

TABLE 6300 x 3200
Carbon Steel up to 200mm

For straight, clean cutting of sections 20-200mm thick, the combination of a CNC Kinetic 3000 and the time proven process of Oxy Fuel cutting, enables Marshall Profiling to offer a full compliment of cutting services all at the one location.

With multi torch capabilities and plasma piercing for faster cut starts, this 100 year old cutting technology has been enhanced to modern gas cutting capability and is an essential part of our processing capabilities.

We also offer a range of part finishing and surface treatment processes including sand blasting, painting, galvanising, electroplating and rumbling and vibratory de-burring.

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Square Gas Cuts

Time and care taken in set-up delivers square cut parts in the thickest of materials.

Multi-torch Cutting

The ability to cut with up to 4 torches at a time, greatly increase productivity and lowers the price of our gas-cut parts.

Plasma Piercing

Pre-piercing plate using plasma technology allows for much faster gas-cut starts and reduces processing time.

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Complete Plate Profiling Service


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Urgent orders, special projects or a unique challenge, we provide the agility and flexibility to respond to our clients unique demands on a person to person basis.


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Laser, Plasma and Gas cutting and a full range of secondary processes to press, roll, machine, guillotine, weld and surface-treat your parts, in one order.